Gates of Psychommunity

Gates of Psycho immunity refers to a song by the late musician Hideto Matsumoto, known better as Hide. (pr. Hid-day) It’s a fundraising event for the Japanese Bone marrow foundation and features several live musical events beginning  at 10pm on the 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th of this month. In addition there’s a grunge-punk shopping area.
I found out about it from my friend, koguma Kumaki when he sent me this incredible bass guitar, his tribute to this very popular Japanese musician. It’s one of the cool items for sale at the event which goes until this Sunday. And like koguma’s top-quality glasses, all the impeccably textured parts are colourchange and there is a HUD with several poses to complete the look. He’s released several guitars and a drum kit over the past week or so, and all of them would be an ideal prop for any SL musician. Thank you, koguma!
I’m wearing the *BC322 Screaming Skull Necklace, a gift from *BC322 Skull&Bones Stronghold, and I couldn’t resist buying the uber-cool Toys Dread-LightBlonde hair to complete my punky look. There are also some free poses and gestures as well as a necklace from Candy Nail available as gifts on the sim.
So be sure to rock on over to The Gates of Psychommunity and get your punk on!

*BC322 Screaming Skull Necklace(0L)
Torn white top: -Demise-knit cardigan
Torn bra top: .:LeeL:. Group Gift Tied up hearts
Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays (old group gift)

Sunglasses: K_gs Elmo 1.00
Chain Belt: Asari’s chain belt
Hat: ::C’est la vie !:: groupgift kable knit hat
Black belt: [ JP ]:dsg. Belt Bag
Leather jacket: part of ~Betrayal~ “HarleyGirl” mini shorts outfit
Mouth piercing.:ellabella:. Your Kiss is on My Lips
Jeans: []::Tuli::[] worn denim capris [light]
Boots: amaama
Hair: *BC322 Toys Dread-LightBlonde(mesh)
Bass Guitar: Kumaki Glasses Style

Gates of Psychomunity: (take the tp from here to the music events)


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